03.12.15 Retail

Body Center for Ladies Receives Its Customers With ESII’s Solutions

body Center for ladies
The new “Body Center for Ladies” wellness center, located in the Paris area, has selected ESII’s solutions to optimize its customer flow management.  
When she arrives, the customer who wants to get a particular service is invited to select it on the TWANA™ interactive kiosk (Advisor, Beautician, Sports coach, Osteopath, etc.). She is provided with an SMS or paper ticket: it indicates her call number and waiting conditions (waiting time and number of people before her). 
Then, she can wait in one of the center’s waiting areas where video screens broadcast digital signage and calls. When it is her turn, the screen calls the customer by her number. 
As for the software, it is the eSirius™ solution that was installed on the several workstations. The manager can supervise reception in real time and adjust the necessary resources according to visitor flow.  
With this solution, Body Center for Ladies’ customers are attended in the order and in a stress-free environment. Staff works in optimum conditions with a powerful and easy-to-use tool.   
borne interactive TWANA

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