20.06.13 Actualité générale

EDF’s Le Havre power plant improves its subcontractors’ reception

 When they arrive, subcontractors are invited to identify themselves with their code on the DISEO™ touchscreen kiosk. Then, they are provided with a ticket with both call number and waiting conditions.
When it is their turn, subcontractors are called via LCD screens which simultaneously broadcast EDF - French national power company - communication (security information, etc.) and calls.
As for the EDF agent, he/she calls the next visitor with a simple RFID call box (by scanning a wristband on the box). In case of important flows, a LED sign has been positioned in the back-office to display the number of waiting visitors. Thus, resources can be adapted in real time. To drive this whole installation, EDF has chosen eSirius™, a full-web reception management solution.
Thanks to this solution, EDF’s Le Havre power plant offers a smooth reception to its subcontractors. Agents’ waiting conditions are simplified and managers can analyze the activity with statistical reports generated by eSirius™.  

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