17.04.14 Retail

ESII equips three new Nespresso boutiques in Israël and Brazil

ESII Nespresso
In different parts of the world the Nespresso success story continues for ESII. This time it is in Brazilian cities (Rio de Janeiro and Ribeirao) and Tel Aviv (Israel).
As soon as they arrive, the visitors are invited to select the purpose of their visit on the DISEO™ interactive dispenser or to scan their member card to check-in. Several screens are installed in the store to inform customers about next calls while broadcasting dynamic communication (new products, TV commercials, etc.). Like the other Nespresso boutiques in the world, these new ones are centrally monitored by the eSirius™ multiple-site software.
Thanks to this solution, the Nespresso boutiques have high-quality reception. Customers are relaxed and can enjoy the shopping area. 
Further information about our eSirius™ full-web solution here

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