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17.07.13 Santé

Geneva HUG’s Maternity Unit Modernizes Its Patient Reception

ESII equips HUG
Geneva University Hospitals’ (HUG) maternity unit has just equipped its admissions desk with the reception management software eSirius™.
At her arrival, the patient selects her visit purpose on the DISEO™ touchscreen dispenser. In the waiting area, a video screen simultaneously broadcasts next calls and video communication (preventive messages, hospital news, etc.).  
To better direct patients, LCD Displays™ are positioned above the calling counters. In back-office, a video screen indicates in real time how many people are waiting to better adapt resources.
Thanks to this solution, patients are serviced as soon as they arrive and are reassured. Care staff works in better conditions. Managers have advanced supervision and statistics tools to optimize the department productivity.
Further information about our Hospital and Clinic solution here.

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