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Hospitals and patients overwhelmingly support the ESII reception

ESII equips hospitals
Optimization of the patient reception and journey is at the heart of hospital stakes. And they are more and to trust ESII for their reception management.
The Lagny Marne-la-Vallée Hospital (France) opted for the eSirius™ solution, ideal for a complete and efficient reception management. To receive patients, three DISEOs™ were installed: available in self-service, these ticket dispensers both identify and direct the patient to the service of his/her choice. Provided with a call ticket, the patient serenely waits to be called on one of the three video screens.
The Saint-Nazaire Hospital (France) also chose the eSirius™ solution to manage its reception. No less than seven DISEOs™ and an interactive kiosk CAMEO™ were deployed in the entire building to receive, identify and direct patients to the right service. Seven screens were shared out in each consultation service (Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, etc.) to call patients.
Thanks to these solutions, patients are reassured as they are well informed and directed. Queues are fluidized and care staff’s working conditions are improved.
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