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Single Line Queuing Attracts DIY Leroy Merlin Stores

ESII Leroy Merlin single line queuing
To reduce waiting times at check-out counters, more and more stores install our single line queuing solution, eZQ™
After, Carrefour, Decathlon or even Fnac, it is now Daumesnil and Le Havre Leroy Merlin DIY stores that get single line queuing for their check-out counters. A single queue is installed just in front of check-outs lines (10 counters for Le Havre, 8 for Daumesnil). The eZQ™ solution works with queue sensors to detect customer presence and check-out sensors that inform if the check-out is available or not.
According to these data, the system automatically calls the next customer and directs them to the available check-out via a video screen. To better direct the customer, LCD Displays™ have been installed above each check-out so that the customer can easily see it. 
With eZQ™, check-out process is faster. Customers have a very positive feeling when their journey ends, which generates a better customer satisfaction. Last impulse purchases are even increased. Cashier staff management is optimized since it is adapted to customer flow in real time. 
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