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16.01.13 Finances

Travelex fluidizes its customer reception

ESII equips Travelex
Travelex is the world’s exchange specialist. With 1,000 counters in 25 countries, and an average of 2,000 customers attended each hour, Travelex faces important customer flows. To maximize its reception management, the leader has just set up an ESII solution in one of its Charles de Gaulles Airport counters.
The eSirius™ solution was installed, offering efficient and advanced reception management features. When he/she arrives, the customer identifies himself/herself and selects the service he/she wants via the ticket dispenser DISEO™ TS. A screen is positioned above the DISEO™ to indicate both the called numbers and the calling counters. Each counter is equipped with an electronic display, which indicates the called number, and which thus offers a better visibility to the customer.
Reception is better organized and queues are reduced.

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